roku private channels

Roku private channels

As you all very well know, Roku is currently the dominating streaming device provider in the competitive market. Nowadays, Roku prevails as the best option for a cord-cutting style of entertainment. Users have fantabulous options in getting wide entertainment choices just by connecting the device to the internet b viewing Roku private channels. By diving into the Roku channel store, you can find all the worldwide channels under different genres and categories.

It becomes an effortless and an affordable one for a user if he is able to pick the selective channels from the heap. You don’t need to adhere with selective shows and schedule timings like conventional cable subscriptions to get your entertainment, stream anytime, anywhere.

Types of entertainment under Roku

  1. As the internet is filled up with worldwide choices, you don’t need to stop yourself from accessing entertainment due to factors like locality or language
  2. Some of the popular genres and categories of entertainment that you can find on Roku are Movies, music, sports, news & weather, Religious, Science & Technology, International, fitness, Web video, kids & family, food, travel, education, shopping, comedy, lifestyle and TV everywhere
  3. With these choices, the user can easily get an eclectic option to burn their leisure and no more rummaging for CDs and thumb drives to load your favorite entertainment

Channel categories

  1. As mentioned earlier, various types of genres are available under Roku, and you can pick as per your choices and preferences
  2. So, the next thing is the channel subscription, which is paid subscriptions and free subscriptions
  3. Basically, the Roku channel store is classified into paid and free, where the paid channel has different sets of packages at different prices
  4. However, not all the channels in the store need subscription charges
  5. There are also completely free channels, where you don’t need to put a single penny
  6. And, not only shows are accessed via channels on Roku
  7. Individual movie TV series is also available directly on Roku, where the user can access under the menu

What are these Private Channels

Private Channels

This is actually the hidden part of the channel store, where the private (hidden) channels come into the picture. Other than free and paid channels, a third unofficial category is called these hidden channels.  So get these private or hidden channels by contacting our customer care executives.

Free Subscriptions

And, not the entire private channel list is completely a freebie to the audience. This private channel segment also gets the classification of payment and free subscriptions. These channels are simply not released by Roku, and the user is unable to get these channels on the Channel store.

Private channel special features

  • The shows and movies that you get on private channels are available at a lower cost than the official channels
  • Because of the price variation in the store only, Roku private channels always remain as the hidden one and unable to easily target
  • For those users who want to subscribe to the shows at zero/low cost, this is a big deal

Activating private channels on your Roku

  1. As said earlier, the basic nuance between the rudimentary channels and Roku private channels is the availability.
  2. The user cannot see this kind of private channel’s availability on the Roku channel store.
  3. With the help of the channel access code/invitation code, the user can be able to add the private channels.
  4. Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate any of your desired Roku private channels.

hidden roku channels

The primary requirement is the Roku account, if you have an existing Roku account, log in using the credentials or otherwise, create the new Roku account by navigating to the Roku official site

Create a Roku Account

  1. To begin with, sign in to the Roku account using the email and password credentials
  2. In the home menu options, you can see an option called ‘manage account’
  3. Click that option and look for the ‘add channel with code’ in the drop-down menu
  4. Subsequently, to add the channel, enter the unique channel access code in the pop-up and tap the add channel button
  1. As you are opting to get the private channel, instead of official one, you will receive a warning message from Roku
  2. In the meantime, you can see the channel logo, and click the ‘yes add channel’ option beneath the channel logo
  3. Generally, the channel will not immediately stream and it may take up to 24 hours to show up
  4. For immediate check, move on to the settings option, System and then check the system update

Some of the famous private channels with an access code

Free private channels

Paid Private Channels


Access code – RBXDIGITAL

  1. This private channel launched as a beta version on Roku, where you should need a Redbox account to access this channel
  2. In the meantime, this private channel is not offering all the contents completely for free and there are no subscription plans also
  3. You can avail the best TV series and movies by purchasing or rent mode, and you can watch


Access Code – euroRoku

  1. This is one of the paid Roku private channels from Euro TV club
  2. As the name defines, EuroRoku channel is available over the Europcountriesires such as Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, France and many more
  3. The paid subscription plans are classified into promo, standard and economy
    • Promo – $15 per month
    • Standard – $20 per month
    • Economy – $50 for three months

Neon party Games

Access Code – H2CLHP

  1. With wide gaming categories under topics of Sumo, Cell, Puck, Tag, Squared, Geometry, neon party games offer engaging games on their channel
  2. This channel is actually available for free, but to disable the ads amid the gameplay, the user has to pay a one-time charge $1.99
  3. Minimum two players are must to access this channel, and with the aid of Play Store, you can install the neon party games controller


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