Watch Vudu on Your Roku Streaming Player

Vudu channel is on its way to entertain movie lovers. This channel is in more demand among entertainment lovers. If you would like to activate the channel, begin your search entering the channel name in the search tab. It’s the Movies and TV category to visit. Let us help you to activate and watch Vudu on Roku.

If you do not read and understand the steps, it’s tough to activate the  channel

Visit the Vudu channel library to find the programs that belong to different categories. It’s good that you can even rent or purchase the videos any time

Sign up for Vudu membership online, if you would like to explore more about the channel

Simple Steps to Activate Vudu on Roku –

Vudu on Roku

Vudu on Roku

Collect the basic and essential requirements to activate Vudu on Roku

  • Roku account
  • Good speed and active internet connection
  • Compatible Roku device for streaming
  • Channel activation instructions or guidelines to help you
  • Troubleshooting guidelines to resolve the errors, if  you come across any
  • Necessary cables to complete the device hardware setup( Power, USB and Ethernet cable)

Select the best streaming gadget among Roku and you have multiple models  such as  Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere Plus, Roku streaming stick and much more

As the features and specifications are many, you are free to choose the best one

The Channel Activation Steps are here

Step 1

  • Complete the initial and guided setup, if  your Roku gadget is brand new
  • Ensure that you choose the required language and display from the screen
  • You can also personalize the settings as per your requirements

Step 2 – Activate the Internet connection

  • As soon as power ON, a Roku logo will appear on the screen
  • Use the settings > Network to activate the Internet connection
  • It’s always good to use the option, wireless
  • Enter the network username and password
  • You can view the green checkmarks that appear on the screen
  • If it’s a red checkmark, perform a quick troubleshooting

Step 3 – Search for the channel visiting the Roku channel store

  • Login to the Roku account that you use
  • If you do not have an existing account, click on the  Roku account creation page
  • Use your remote and visit the category, Movies and TV
  • Once if you receive the search results, select and click on the option, Add channel
  • View the channel on your device display screen
  • Select and click on the channel icon
  • Then carry on with the remaining activation steps

What if the Added Vudu Channel is not Visible?

If the added channel is not visible, suggest you to perform a system update

Select the most interesting shows to watch

Shows and program categories are many to watch on Vudu channel and here is the list

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Godfather
  • Ready or Not
  • Angel has fallen
  • The Lion King
  • The art of racing in the rain
  • Official secrets
  • Doc Martin
  • Arrow

Check for latest updates and new shows are on its way. Watch the trailers to know the story and theme of each series

What are the Options to Watch Vudu on Roku Live?

  • There are live channel subscription packages that offer Vudu programs Live and you can select the package and then pay the subscription charges
  • Besides you can also download the Vudu channel app. Its the device app store where you can find the compatible app

What if you come across errors as you activate Vudu on Roku?

Verify and validate the activation steps before you execute

  • Follow the activation steps promptly without missing any
  • Always select the best device for streaming
  • Restart the device and you can avoid most of the errors that popup
  • If streaming from mobile device is your choice, check the channel app compatibility
  • Use a different Roku gadget for streaming and then check if you can get better streaming output

For Vudu on Roku activation assistance, talk to our Roku support team @ +1-866-218-6310 or visit As you wait, our agents will contact you at the earliest

It’s a plus point that the support and guidance offered is 24/7. Our agents are trained to answer the queries and concerns that you have.

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