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With cutting edge interface and instant access to world-class entertainment, Roku is now prevailing as one of the ultimate streaming device providers. Roku brings you the physical box or stick filled up with amusing entertainment with dozens of channels, movies etc. Dealing with this ocean of channels and picking out the best affordable choice is still a complex task. This may lead, to you being unaware, of some of the best channels such as those hidden categories, the private channels. This private channel category is also available in both paid and free versions. Yes, it would be worth for paid private channels, only if the channel offers some more extra value than the normal paid channels. And yes, the private channel gratifies this factor. Absolutely the entertaining value for the paid private channels will be more for your bucks. Under this paid hidden channel category, one of the best private channels is Euroroku. Know more about Euroroku channel features and activation procedure from the below information.


The channel concept is very simple for the Euroroku, a subscription channel, where you can get several live European channels. As you all know that European channels are one of the best spots to get all genres of entertainment. By accessing Euroroku, you can easily get all the channels at a very low price. You will get access to various channels from the following countries Belgium, Bulgaria, Moldova, Holland, Spain, Germany, France etc.



Channel price ranges

Same as the official paid channels, this channel also follows the free trial and various subscription packages. Based on the channel availability under the package, the price may vary. As we are looking under the private channel category, the channel prices are not fixed one for the long term. Frequent changes may happen, thereby you have to update properly with the channel packages price ranges. At present Euroroku is available for a 7-day free trial.

The channel packages are,

  • Promo
  • Standard
  • Economy

Promo is the basic yardstick under the packages, where you can avail at $15/month. The standard package comes up with a moderate price range of $20/month and Economy is like a big bundle offer, which is $50/month.

By comparing the officially paid channel price ranges, these private channel prices are comparatively very low. Thus opting for private channels is absolutely a good choice to get eclectic instant entertainment.

Euroroku activation steps

Carryout the following steps in the given order to activate the Euroroku channel on your Roku without any hassle.

The primary requirements for this channel activation are an internet connection, Roku streaming device, Roku remote, payment credentials, and the Euroroku channel code.

  • In the first place, you should have a Roku account for any channel access. Thereby create your own Roku account on the official site, or enter the credentials and login to your account
  • Navigate to the settings option in the Roku home menu
  • Under the settings, go for the Manage account option
  • Subsequently, you will get an option called ‘Add channel with code’ and this option is for the private channels installation
  • In the meantime, click that option and you will get the empty field to enter the channel code
  • Get the latest available channel code for the Euroroku channel and enter the code without any error in the field
  • Finally, click the add channel button to include the Euroroku channel to your Roku account
  • As the channel is a paid one, you have to enter the subsequent payment method and purchase the Euroroku channel
  • Normal channel activation will take place in a few minutes. As this is a private channel, it may take some extra time and you should have to wait for a minimum time of 24 hrs for the channel activation
  • For any other private channel activation, follow the same above-said steps and activate

Troubleshooting the channel activation errors

You may face errors/activation failure in the Hidden Roku channels installation mainly due to the wrong channel code. Thereby, get the appropriate latest available channel code for your favorite private channel and enter in the activation step.

Make sure, you are having a strong internet network connection for the proper channel loading. Getting insufficient signal strength may end up in the failure of loading the channel contents.

You can chat with our expert team to get even more clear elucidation about adding Euroroku to the Roku.

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