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Spotify on Roku is not just any music streaming application, but a platform that honors and evolve the artists and their works. It started as a small app that allows you to stream music from the web. Later it developed into a monstrous application that revolutionized the “music experience“. It has tones and tones of podcasts that are available across various genres like technology, art, news, international affairs, bilateral relations, stand-up comedy and a lot more. Spotify is famous because of the small details in the application. Small things like sharing the music, sharing your playlist, uploading your music, creating multiple playlists, categorizing the music under various genres like mood, artists, time, awards, popular, etc. these things did matter to people and they were waiting for an application which does all these functions and more.

Spotify on Roku

watch Spotify on Roku

Spotify on Roku

Spotify took it to one step further by making their content free. You can access all the contents at no cost and also without compromising at the quality. Spotify went from “luxury” to “must-have” due to the awesome free content available. At the times when people have to pay a hefty price to buy music, and that too as the whole album only was regarded as unfair. Such an app will make its way into the Roku streaming platform, without any doubts.

Spotify on Roku also comes with all the same features on any other platforms and even the user interface remains identical. You can easily recommend the Spotify Roku app to your friends and family, it is that’s convenient. If you can squeeze in a few bucks, you can get the Spotify Premium app that allows you to stream and also download the music which you can play when the device is online.

Requirements for Spotify Roku App

  • Any smartphone or computer or streaming device.
  • Internet connection*.
  • Rocking speakers or earphones.
  • The will to dive into the music.

There is no compromising on the content available between Spotify Roku app and the Spotify app on other devices. The podcasts available on Spotify is also worth your time. For those who are always on the go, can listen to their favorite e-books and many other shows, news, interviews, etc.

How to Add Spotify on Roku?

Follow the steps below to add the Spotify Roku app to your arsenal.

  • Go to home screen. You can directly start searching by pressing the search button on the remote.
  • Search for Spotify at the search bar. The app is directly available at the channel store so it will directly show at your search results.
  • All you have to do is, click on the “Add channel” tab on the screen.
  • It may ask you to enter the security pin if you have set one at the beginning of the Roku account setup.
  • Now there will be a confirmation message that will display again on the screen. Click on the “Add channel” tab and wait for few seconds as your download will begin shortly.
  • Depending upon your internet speed, the app will mostly download within a minute as Spotify is a lightweight app.
  • Once the download process is over, launch the app.
  • It will ask you to sign in using your credentials. The best part is you can sign in with your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. you can always create a new account if you don’t have an existing account.
  • You can start streaming your music as a free version or you can opt for the premium version by completing the purchase. But if you don’t mind a few seconds of advertisement once in 10 or so songs, you can always use the free version.
  • Let your inner zeppelin awake!!!

Install App for Smartphone

  • Open your Roku app on your smartphone.
  • Now click on the “channel store”.
  • Search for the Spotify app at the channel store.
  • Click on “Add channel”.
  • Enter the security pin if asked.
  • Now if you open your Roku home screen on the TV, you can find the Spotify app on the list.
  • Let your inner zeppelin awake!!!

For further queries regarding Spotify on Roku, do not hesitate to contact our support team @ +1-866-218-6310 or Roku private channels.

This blog will awake your inner musician as you download Spotify on Roku in few steps.

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