Without a doubt, Roku goes all out to see to it that their customers are fully satisfied. Providing not just premier video content, it also proffers gaming facilities within the streaming device. Placed in Beta for quite sometime before it was released in 2016, Neon Party Games on the Roku is equipped with an Android Controller that is downloadable from the channel site itself. Reach out to the app from under the Games category to make the most of the Roku player.

What is Neon party games?

  • With six varied arcade-style games Neon Party games are available for both the Android and the iOS
  • Just simply download the controller on the smartphone or tablet instead of playing with the Roku remote
  • There are single player games as well as multiplayer games available
  • For example, at least two players are required to play a couple of games such as Tag, Cell and much more
  • While there are no limitations to the number of games that you can play, each player must have the controller on their mobile device
  • Alternatively, you can play these games alone – Puck, Squared, Sumo, and Geometry – it also has provisions to invite other players if you so wish

Controller app

  • The Controller app is available at the short link ird.to/neonparty
  • Find it on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and install it on your device
  • Thereafter launch the game on the Roku and just start playing
Neon Party Games

Neon Party Games

How to play Neon Party Games?

  • App installation on the Roku is a standard procedure
  • Reach out to the channel store to find your preferred game
  • Particularly for Neon Party Games and if you are using your mobile to play, ensure that the Roku device and the mobile are both connected to the same network
  • Select your Roku device and then navigate to the game that you wish to play under Neon Party Games
  • Change the color of the character
  • Choose an avatar and a name for yourself too

How to operate?

  • Controller operations are rather simple
  • After you have downloaded the controller app, a defined area will appear on the mobile device where you can move your thumb to control your avatar and subsequently, movement within the game
  • Some video ads will also be interspersed with the game but all the same, both the game and the app are absolutely free
  • A one-time fee of $1.99 must be paid if you wish to play without ads
  • Press the Play / Pause button to purchase the game from the Roku Channel Store

Know About Roku

Based in Los Gatos, California, Roku – the company – was established sometime in 2002. A creator of digital streaming media players, it was founded by Anthony Wood who gradually fostered its growth.  The Roku streaming player and set-top-box are some of the leading devices introduced by the company. Besides, it also manufactures a range of smart TVs in collaboration with television manufacturing giants.

Roku’s legacy products

Some of Roku’s legacy products from where the manufacturer garnered enough experience and knowledge are:

PhotoBridge HD1000

  • Displays images on HD television
  • Streams MPEG videos
  • Contains four card readers that can read from a memory stick, Multimedia Card, and SD Memory card

Roku SoundBridge

  • Music player that obtained content from the network

SoundBridge Radio

  • Also, a network music player
  • Contains a subwoofer and built-in speakers
  • Volume ramping alarm clock
  • AM-FM Receiver
  • SD Slot
  • Headphones’ Jack
  • Preset buttons

All the above products would use the Ethernet or WiFi to stream audio using a computer or an internet radio as a medium

Know about Streaming players

  • Some of the latest Roku devices can stream content in 4K and HDR
  • Delivering over-the-top content, Roku contains channels or apps supported by other providers
  • Both live and on-demand content is available on the streaming player
  • Roku uses adaptive technology to stream content from the internet such as the Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)
  • Some of the leading channels available on the Roku are Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu Plus and much more
  • There are also interactive games such as Neon Party Games that are free on the Roku
  • Controlled through a simple mobile app on the Android or iOS get these games to play with your friends or alone

How to add channels?

  • Find paid as well as free content on the Roku streaming player
  • Appending channels or apps into the Roku is very simple
  • Just reach out to the Channel Store from the main menu
  • Click on your preferred channel from the grid and choose ‘Add the Channel
  • If you are unable to find what you want, just use Roku’s powerful search feature where you will surely find your content based on actor, director and name of the film or show

For more information about Neon Party Games or Roku Private Channels, seek guidance from our agents 24/7.

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