Privacy policy


Adhere to the privacy policies and it’s all about the latest data collection methods and techniques that we follow to secure or transfer the data

You will receive a prompt to accept these set of regulations as you proceed with using the service that we offer. Read, understand and accept it to proceed further to use the service that we offer

Data collection methods

There are lots of data collection methods and we always prefer collecting the required information either via chat, call or email messages

Regulations that we follow

Sharing the data or information to the third party authorities or sharing it for personal use is strictly prohibited

As per the rules and regulations, we maintain the entire information highly confidential and secure.We share the data required to the concerned authorities only after the prior consent of our customers

Documents that we gather

The type of documents that we gather from our customers includes device reports, error reports, and personal information such as name, email ID and password. The billing and credit card information that we collect is essential if you would like to make any transactions or to get the required service

Refer the device and error reports to get an idea of the device features, specifications, cause and type of error


Our website authorities are not responsible if the threat or misuse arise due to sharing of data to the third-party organizations

All the information available on our webpage is for informational purpose and not for personal use


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Our vision and service

Offering quality support to all the customers is our vision and includes the device setup, troubleshooting, assistance to get the device software and a lot more

Understand the privacy policies to know the data collection methods that we follow and the judicial regulations to safeguard and secure them.