If you want to get HBO GO on Roku, visit hbogo.com activate site for activation.

The HBO GO app was launched in 2010 created for the cable, Live TV and Satellite streaming service subscribers. The HBO GO contains on-demand access to the contents broadcasted on the HBO channel. You can watch the huge premieres when they air on TV. This service also includes well known shows such as Game of Thrones, Barry, Westworld and many more.

Furthermore, you will be able to receive movies every week and also comedies, smart talk shows, brilliant documentaries, and special programs. You can add the channel on your Roku TV to catch with the shows mentioned here.

Get to view the HBO shows in Roku with the channel HBO GO. However, before that follow the steps given for activating the channel on Roku.

hbogo.com activate

hbogo.com to activate

Steps for hbogo.com activate

For performing hbogo com activate on your Roku player, you can  go along with these easy steps

  • In the channel store on your Roku player download, HBO GO
  • You can activate the Roku device to acquire the one of a kind activation code.
  • Drop-in on the hbogo.com activate web page from your Computer
  • Choose Roku and perform the next process
  • Now key in the username and password. Press the update button for getting the account information.
  • Key in the unique activation code from the Roku television and then choose the active player
  • Now you will be able to see the success notification on your TV and computer
  • Occasionally, it can take some time for the process of activation to complete
  • Now the Roku is ready to begin streaming shows on HBO GO channel

These steps will allow you to perform hbo go activate.

Sometimes you may encounter some issues while activating the HBO GO on your streaming device. Then follow the procedure below for settings things right.

Uninstall or reinstall the channel for updates

  1. Go to the HBO GO on the home screen and then tap the button on the remote and select the option remove channel
  2. Go to settings and in that system for the system restart. Tap the Restart
  3. Then after that process now go to settings for a system update. You have to tap on to the Check now option. You can install any new updates from here
  4. From the Roku go to the channels store and find the HBO GO channel
  5. Now you can attempt hbogo.com activate on your Roku player. If you are having any difficulties and problems you can try the next step in the list

Roku setup

If the Roku device is not functioning properly then the Roku users can reset Roku to the default settings have cleared away all the issues

Fixing Roku activation error

This is not just any code but this code is important as it will only activate the channel on Roku. Power off the Roku for just a few minutes and turn it on again and try the process again. The activation code may work out in this attempt.

There are specifically two types of Roku activation code error one is Error 001 and another is Error 009.

Error 001

  • Firstly, Write down the link code when
  • The code must be used before the time of expiry
  • The users can make use of the HELP menu to generate new code
  • Check the network connection to fix the error
  • When it is a wired connection examine the Ethernet and LAN cable
  • Check the router settings and the streaming service
  • Lastly, Go to setting and network for Check connection option

Error code 009

  • When the Roku is not able to connect with the internet, check if it is in link with the router
  • Restart the device and again try to connect the devices with the network
  • Go to the settings menu>system> system restart for the purpose of restarting the device
  • Check if the other devices in your house have the same issue if yes then seek help for ISP provider

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