Terms and conditions


Accept the terms and conditions and privacy policies and these are set of regulations to be followed and represent the legal binding between the customers and website authorities.

Terms and conditions include the legal rules to safeguard and secure the data or information collected from the customers, judicial regulations to prevent the misuse or threat and a lot more.

We will always recommend reading and understanding the policies

Privacy policies, an integral part of terms and conditions

  • Privacy policies always represent the data collection process,methods to safeguard, transfer and secure the data collected from the customers and a lot more
  • The required information will be gathered from the customers either via call, chat or email messages

Judicial rules and regulations

Strict rules and regulations will be incorporated to prevent the misuse or threat that arise and these rules are framed by the concerned judicial authorities.


No data or information will be handed over to the judicial authorities without the prior consent of the customers

It is also the responsibility of the users to safeguard and secure all the data or information that they have

Chargeback policies

Users who would like to cancel any of the services can make use of the chargeback and refund policies available

 Quality and timely support that we provide include the device setup and activation, troubleshooting and a lot more

If you are interested to know more we always recommend you to read and understand the information available on our webpage.

Getting a clear understanding of these policies will always be a plus point before you make use of our service

Suggest you to go to our webpage to know more and to get more updates on the terms and conditions and other rules and regulations