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Streaming entertainment is accruing at larger scale trends, and the audience anticipation towards the streaming channels is increasing at a very rapid pace. To grab this huge number of audience, various new channels are emerging out. And also to equalize the channel prices ranges by offering bundle offers for the audience, several video streaming platforms came into the picture. These video streaming providers are now playing a vital role in the streaming platform. One of such well-known platform is the ‘Viki’ and in this blog, you are gonna watch about Viki Roku activation procedure.

Simply, same as Hulu platform, Viki is a worldwide video streaming platform, which is offering a myriad number of shows in multiple languages. Broadcasting around different countries, Viki is holding a parameter to offer entertainment, by breaking the language and other locality parameters. Various shows and movies are available in more than 200 languages, which keep the audience everywhere entertaining.

Viki Roku

Activate Viki Roku private channel

Available programs & shows on Viki

Enter the Viki platform and witness the great classification of entertainment. Yes, with an intuitive and easy user interface, all the shows are categorized under perfect classifications. The best trending shows are showcased on the sliding banner of the platform, where you can easily get access by a single click.

Under the following topics, you can find several shows to select,

  • Country wise trending
  • Viki Top picks
  • Seasonal hits
  • Fan collections
  • Newly added episodes
  • Currently on Air
  • Coming soon
  • Top picks etc.

In addition to this, language-wise also the shows are categorized, thereby pick your favorites instantly under your native/favorite languages.

Compatible devices

Users are using different platforms for their day to day entertainment; thereby we have listed out the compatible platforms for the Viki,

  • Android TV
  • Apple TV HD (4th generation) and newer
  • Chrome cast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Android phones and Tablets
  • Roku
  • iPhones and iPads

Best picks on Viki

As you all know, always there are separate followers for the Korean drama series. Viki is well known for their Korean and japans drama collections. We come up with some best Korean dramas that you should add for your watch list.

  • Doctor stranger
  • Secret garden
  • I hear your voice
  • Pinocchio
  • Gu family book
  • Hwanjini
  • The king 2 hearts and many more

Viki Roku activation

Roku is now absolutely holding a heap of worldwide best channels, where you have to pick your favorites. So, if you are a Roku user, it is very easy to grab the Viki channel on Roku. Follow the forthcoming steps without any error to install the Viki Roku private channels easily in a few steps

The requirements for this channel activation are Roku streaming device, a router for strong internet network, Viki account, Roku account, compatible television and other needed accessories for the connection.

First of all, you have to sign up for the Viki video streaming platform. In your browser, just move on to the official site and you can directly sign up using your Google or Facebook or Rakuten account. Otherwise, just enter your name, email ID and password details for the registration. Using these account credentials only, you are able to stream the Viki channel on any compatible platform.

Steps for activation of viki Roku channel

  • In the first place, Turn on your Roku device, enter the Roku home menu and check via settings, whether the device is receiving sufficient signal strength for the channel loading
  • Next, using your Roku remote, navigate through the option on the Roku home menu, and access the channel store for the channel search
  • Subsequently, in the options go to the settings, and click the ‘manage account’ option
  • Under the manage account, select the add channel with code and in the empty field you should enter the viki channel code
  • Likewise, after entering the right channel code, click add channel button & the channel will activate after a minimum of 24 hrs
  • In the meantime, move on to the respective Viki activation site, enter the code and click the submit button to activate
  • Once activated, sign in Viki channel using the channel app credentials and start streaming all the shows on your Roku

If you are still in dilemma amid Viki Roku activation steps and further more elucidation, just visit our website

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